My trip to Vermont

My friend Dave Miller moved to Vermont back in November and I finally was able to go and visit him last weekend in April! I was pretty glad I waited so long once I got there because it was a beautiful weekend and Jerry's birthday, Dave's cat! It had finally just warmed up (a little bit I was still a little cold all weekend) and the sun was shining! We went on our own Vermont tour starting out on Lake Bomoseen in Castleton, VT which is where Dave lives. We then made our way up to the Teddy Bear Factory were I bought a bear and named him Mr. Bear. (I know very original haha) After that we went to a few different breweries. The first one being Fiddlehead Brewing Company. It was a small place, so small I forgot to even take a photograph of it! (I know being a photographer is shouldn't even admit that) But it was my favorite beer of the whole weekend and there are a few places in Syracuse, NY that has it on tap so I will definitely be having it around here more! Next, we stopped at Magic Hat Brewing Company. It was a very unique place, to say the least! We tasted a few beers and headed on our way. We drove North a little more and stopped by the water in Burlington, I could easily get used to that view! We walked to Foam Brewers were there was a huge line but if you knew Dave he doesn't wait in line for anything. We walked right in and looked at what they had. The bartender said they were out of the four packs of the beer he wanted to buy to take home which was a bummer. But of course Dave had already made friends with a guy who had just got one of the last one and he gave him one of the four to have. I swear it's only this kid who can get away with things like this! We got our beers and went outside to sit and the place was packed so we grabbed a table that had a couple already sitting at it and talked with them. They were pretty cool people and we talked a lot about music and concerts we all are thinking about going to this summer. We were getting hungry and I was in serious need of getting food in me and the couple suggested we go to Burlington Beer Co. because they have awesome food. Dave drove my car, which is a stick shift, right up a mountain which was a little scary, but we made it! Thank goodness we did because the food was on point! I got the apple bacon burger which if that doesn't sound good enough, it came with a side salad. I know, I know wait! she got a burger but now wants to talk about how the side salad was better, especially because all it was was greens and some carrots!  Well, it was! Although the burger was delish, this dressing was to die for! It was equal parts balsamic vinegar, maple syrup, and oil with salt, pepper, and garlic as spices. I could not stop talking about it for the rest of the weekend, and hey look I'm still talking about it know! After that, we were done with breweries for the day and went over to Ben & Jerry's to get some ice cream, because who doesn't want that! Also, fun fact, did you know that Ben & Jerry are Phish fans?! Well, they are and they named an ice cream after them! With one more stop of the day we were pretty beat but it was the stop we had to make because it was one of the reason this trip got started in the first place. We stopping at a children's center in Middlebury. Why? You might ask. It's because I had googled my name and this place came up. it's called Mary Johnson Children's Center! That's right I have the same name! Which I shouldn't be too surprised that I found something with my name since it's a fairly common first and last name, but I was and it was awesome! So then it was time to go home and get some much-needed rest after a long day and then were back at it again the next day. This was a much more chill day we started by going to the West Rutland Art Park which had a few pretty cool sculptures. One was a train made out of a different types of metal, even a fire hydrant! Next, we went to the Wilson Castle which was really pretty and kinda of creep but if you know me I love that kind of stuff! I got some cool photographs around the property and inside. My favorite photograph was of a stained glass window. It was some of the best stained glass I have ever seen! We then stopped at our final brewery, the Hop'n Moose Brewing Company. My mom has always loved moose and I have taken on that love so I got a sweatshirt with the logo on the back, which is a moose (duh!). We took a quick stop at a small waterfall and then headed back home to sit by the lake with a fire and some beer we had bought at the breweries until the sun went down and it got too cold to be outside. I had such a fun weekend and can't wait to go back sometime this summer when it gets a little warmer and a little more colorful! Thanks Dave for showing me around Vermont!