Humans of the New York State Fair

This year I spent some of my time at the New York State Fair a little different than in years past. Instead of bringing my camera around to take photos of me and my friends I decided to take photos of strangers. I was so nervous for about the first 3 photos that I took, my anxiety was in full force! But after the first few people were so open to the idea of getting there photo taken, that anxiety quickly went away and changed into excitement! It was so much fun watching everyone's reactions to seeing their photo. And by the end of the second night, I realized not a single person I went up to said no to a photo. Yes, there were people hesitant at first but after there friends got there's taken they decided it was cool and also got one. Thank you, everyone, for being so open to this idea. I hope you all enjoy your photos! I can't wait to come back next year and do the same thing!