I can't wait to meet you Luella Marie Capps!

Luella Marie Capps, Lulu for short, is my god daughter! And I know she will be here soon enough, but man I can NOT wait to meet her! I have felt your little foot kick my hand but it's not enough I want to hold you in my arms!

She has the best parents any little girl could ask for! Jon and Kate have already shown Lulu that they will be there for her no matter what! And it's not from them having an adorable baby shower that looked like a unicorn throw up for it or that they have bought all the adorable clothes for her. Because even though they have done both those are just things. The real reason I know they will be good parents is from how amazing of friends they are to me. I was living with them about 4 years ago now I believe. It was definitely one of the harder summers I have had. I was depressed and most days I couldn't get my self out of bed. But it was their persistence at getting me up and out that helped pull me out of it. I will be forever grateful for what they did for me that summer and for our whole friendship. It is because of this persistence of pushing me forward that I know they will do the same for this little girl her whole life. Lulu, I can't wait to meet you and watch you grow big and strong and see what you will bring to this crazy world! 

With that being said here are some photos from Jon and Kate's maturity photo shoots. Both her one from North Carolina and New York!